Some, audio action.

These are just test units for crossover designing, and measurements. Very basic with good bracing.

There is more bracing in the bottom, and there will be dual binding posts and a port at the back.

Still not sure if the final design will have port on bottom, or the back.

Is that a bag “o” ram ?

Nope, nothing to see here ! Move along ! Kidding! It’s a small bag of ram, 8 x 16gig DDR3 Ecc sticks.

This will push my Hp ML350 G8, to 256gigs ram.

Since it was off, I also decided to install the gpu and new GPU power cable.

Soon I’ll be converting the box to Esxi 6.5 with an upgrade to 6.7, and passing the gpu to a vm that I’ll be rdp’ing to.

Might play with thin clients too.

Some 10gig action !

So, I have the 10gig network bug. Did a ton of reading googling and research.

After weeks of lurking around on forums and talking with people, i bought a lightly used perfectly working Brocade 6450-24p switch.

This selected switch, has 4x 10gig sfp ports and 24 1gig poe ports.

The nice thing, this will replace 2 switches at home, and give me 10gig ports.

I’ll be running a sfp 10gig fiber module to my server with a 50′ lc-lc dual mode fiber cable.

And yes, the switch is now silent. Imo it wasnt that loud when its fully booted with newest firmware, but for me I changed fans anyways to make it virtually silent now.

Back doing more Audio!

I think I went lazy for a bit there with my blog posts? Sorry guys !

So back to posting and doing hobby stuff.! Id have to be honest, I’ve been spending lots of time in eagle cad, and learning thermal designing.

Currently I’m working on a SMD amplifier deisngn that uses 24x IRF630 fets in smd format. The goal is to build a small class a 80 watt amplifier using all smd devices. The hard part ? Learning and researching and testing board designs that work with removing heat from the fet.

In this pic below there are a few ways to do this. The top one i discovered after i ordered my test pcb from jlcpcb. Oh well its 12$ for a test that might work or won’t work. The good thing ? Smd parts arw easy to remove and re-use..