Messy Closet Getting A Face new Addition!

Yes before you all post or say something and cringe when you see my “temporary” setup ! <<< YESS I said TEMP setup.  It’s messy, but just setup so I can function, soon to be ordering a small 8U network enclosed rack cabinet to hang on the wall. It will house all the networking gear. 


HEY another addition to the family, I found a nice Hp MLg350P server on ebay for stupid cheap.  So I decided to bid not expecting to win and I won!  So new addition to the fleet will be here in a week. 

What did I score ? 

“HP ML350p Gen8: 2x Xeon 6-CORE E5-2620 @ 2GHz 128GB PC3 P420i”  for 200$   SCORE !!  Just need to add drives and Heat-Sinks, For some odd reason the server doesn’t come with heat’sinks so MEH..  

Speaker Project coming along

I thought i would post some progress pics of my speakers. I’m building a new 2 way using the Iwatta Horn with a 1″ Faital Pro HFAK10 1″ Compression Driver & A 12″ Beyma 12BR70 woofer.

I have spent HOURS and hours modeling hand full’s of 12″ pro woofers and have found non that have a good FS & usable range to 30-1500+ hz. My plan is to crossover around 1050. I will be using a 4.5c’f ported curved enclosure.

Not sure if many of you have heard or seen the Blumenhofer Genuin FS 2 but this project of mine is kinda like this one. BUT MINE are Diy 🙂

Aleph 2 chassis..

Well Dad  gave me a set of these big monstrous heat-sinks. Got them cut in half today. Now to get them machined so i can make Aleph 2 mono-blocks.

Also have to design some PSU pcb’s for them & figure out orientation of the transformer. 

New Horn Project..

Thought I would share my New Horn project. These are called Iwattas, they use a 1″ Compression Driver. I’m going to be using a 12″ woofer in a ported cabinet. the goal is designing a 2 way efficient speaker..I used to own these but sold them to a friend. I missed them so much I had to beg for them back. Now that I have them back I’m going to be building the speaker I wanted to build when I first bought these Iwattas. The woofer is going to be the Beyma – 12BR70 with a tuning of 28hz. Crossover around 1000-1300.


This first pic is what caught my attention for this build. Mine will be a little different. 


Monitoring Setup for the USG Pro-4

I’ve been working on a little side project for my self. With all my firewalls i have played with and used I’ve always found my self watching what is going in and out & what is going on with them when im at home or out and about. 

So i decided to use my spare Raspberry Pi and use it for a web browser monitoring tool. Most Firewalls these days use a Web-Browser GUI you can watch, just like the USG with all that information. 

Quick little video below & photo..

Full Rack Arrangement !

After setting all my stuff up external to the rack, I decided to re-arrange things.

The HP & two bottom servers are not plugged in and being used yet. 

Very bottom 1U server is a dell R310 that will be used for a backup device and a few network shares.  

The HP, might give away as I don’t need it.


MORE Ubiquity stuff!

Since I was so happy with the last device that i picked up for cheap to play with it and test it. I decided to just jump on in and buy some more goodies !!


A Nice AC-Pro & USG pro 4 

After a hour of research and tinkering I got the new USG Pro 4 on line & adopted to my network, It wasn’t easy as plug it in but I got it! Starting from scratch its very easy,  adding to existing network is a little harder. 

Installing & adapting the Ap was very easy though! 


I just replaced the AP with my old one screwed the base to the ceiling plugged it in and adopted & configured WOLA !



Little bit of NEW !!

Well, I finally did it! Never thought I would be using the USG stuff and “not” get hooked!  My very first USG was the little 6×6″ guy ! 


After playing with this thing and seeing what it can do WELL I was hooked.


I did open it up (duh) I always open things up ! Have a look inside, see what is there!  IMO not much actually !  I did like the fact there was a CPU heatsink on the CPU.  Would like to see better thermal design as this thing did reach 60C.. 


After a week of running this guy, i started searching for more Ubiquity stuff to buy!! 


Server Cluster

AND !!! the cluster is up and running 🙂 YAY ! Many days working on this !  More information to follow. 


Going Cluster’s

So my new goal for my  setup will be a Hyper-V  2016 cluster. Allowing me to use 2 servers & a ISCSI 10 gig attached storage server.  

Untangle Home Pro on a Dell R210 handles the vlans & firewall.

The R510 with 2012 storage server for Iscsi path’s for Hyper-v Vm storage.

Each R610 with dual cpu’s & 128gigs ram each host to handle the vm processing.