Monthly Archives: November 2020

New bench psu !

Been waiting years for one of these, it came on sale so I snatched one up! “UPDATE” I created a Youtube Video :

The SSR Project is ALIVE !

After a few months of working on this project it’s finally into the next stage! the PCB stage 😛 I have to admit, I had some issues, but not because of the circuit issues, but because of the lack of looking at the CORRECT pin out’s on the “VOM” ic 🙂 Stumbled upon my issue […]

My Amplifier SSR Project !

I’ve been working on this for a very long long time ! And first I would like to say Special thanks to Thomas Uhd Larsen, a good close friend of mine on Facebook for helping me and making this possible 😛 Now, what is a SSR ? A “SSR” is a Solid State Relay, in […]