Temp Drives & Testing.

Well since updating the firmware didn’t make this beast quiet, I thought i would try something else. I had this weird HUNCH that maybe it needs drives ?

Before just ramming drives into the server with out Caddy’s to hold them, I had to add a piece of Tape to the drive, to protect the back-plane from shorting out. If you look inside the server you will see some small gold fingers, these are contacts that touch the Hard Drive Caddy to turn on the lights at the front so you can see status of the drive.. The one thing about the new servers they have a few lights on the front of the caddy showing Failure & spinning & activity.

After putting some tape on 2 drives and sliding the drives carefully into the server. I turned it on and hopped into the F5 Raid menu to create a simple raid array & simple test volume.

After exiting the Raid config, SHIT ! the server went quiet, it went from Idling the fans at 33% to 5% WOAH !! it’s QUIET.. ALL this time i thought the server needed firmware. I did a massive amount of googling and thread posting and asking people with these servers. No one could tell me why the fans were running fast.. SO note to anyone that see’s this post that The server needs Drives & firmware updates to make it quiet. THEN it can be in the same room as you and not drive you crazy.

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