Dell T310 storage box, repairs.

Well I got this little Dell T310 with a quad core Xeon and 8 gigs ram for 89$. The crappy part is it would intermittently not turn on, unless I took the BIOS battery out and waited an hour. Right then I knew I needed new motherboard 🙁

I emailed the company I bought it from on eBay and they said they didn’t have a spare motherboard and offered a full refund, I let them I could found a new board for $35 and they insisted a full refund.

So I bought the replacement board, at this same time I noticed that the basic raid card was a perc 6, not even a perc6i 🙁 The basic card only does Raid 0 and 1. So I said well should change that at same time..

As I waited for the board and card to arrive I installed freenas latest version on the T310 with my 4 x 2tb wd drives to play..

Few weeks later the goodies arrived! Now the plan is to install the card and new motherboard update the firmware’s and maybe install Windows 2008 storage server and play with that.

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