10G and fiber, moved the server too!

That’s right, I finally got the fiber and cat6 cable ran to the garage.

The server has been running in the garage now for about 2 months over a slow wireless link, it worked for a temporary test. I had to move it from my main computer hobby room after installing all the new goodies.

The new hard ware installed was a HP 10gig dual port card, Nvidia Quatro k6000 video card & ny 1.6tb pcue ssd. Doing these upgrades raised the fans from 8% to 33, it’s not stupid loud, but I can’t work with it in the same room.

Now that its moved to the garage and connected with a 10gig link, I also ran a cat6 cable to a mini switch for back end management!!

Next upgrade is the ups, I have a nice unit that was given to me, but needs new batteries. Next purchase!