Been working on my SMD Aleph amplifier.

Been a really long time since I had time to assemble this Class a monoblock. As I was building it v1.0 board I found a few issues, and found some thing that need fixing. Good thing pcbs are $10 for 5, first was the 3watt 1ohm resistors, bah I picked the wrong footprints. Oh well I’ll solder them on and attach legs.

Next was screw holes to mount the output fets to heatsink, good thing no tracks near the holes.

Next was the 9.1v zener diodes, apparently I used to-big of pads, oh well.

After fixing few issues, I had it all ready for power up! AND no smoke!

Test heatsink for first power up, made testing and measuring voltages easy!

Powered up running after 3 hours it settled at 54deg, and achieved 90watts rms class a into 8 ohms, rail voltage of 45v.