Waiting Game & Storage

As I am waiting for the heat-sinks to arrive for the G8 server, I did some googling & Facebook Group posting & a little bit of ebay surfing.. remember this is for a home lab I don’t need brand new and to pay a fortune for drives.

After a bit of ebaying I came to the conclusion that 3tb drives were about 100$ each, not bad I guess.. One last time I posted in the Home Lab’s group asking for anyone if they know or were selling any 3.5″ drives. Score, a friend of mine that i bought drives from messaged me and said I am, I have 6 3tb 3.5″ 7200RPM drives for sale. Wicked, he also got me the Caddys for them cheap, those things are like $20 each on ebay and $75 each brand new from HP.. So a small bundle of money that I had from selling my T610 went towards buying drives & heat-sinks for my G8…

Another Waiting game.. 🙁 Canada Post was slow at this time of season ( Christmas )

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