Dell T310 storage box, repairs.

Well I got this little Dell T310 with a quad core Xeon and 8 gigs ram for 89$. The crappy part is it would intermittently not turn on, unless I took the BIOS battery out and waited an hour. Right then I knew I needed new motherboard 🙁

I emailed the company I bought it from on eBay and they said they didn’t have a spare motherboard and offered a full refund, I let them I could found a new board for $35 and they insisted a full refund.

So I bought the replacement board, at this same time I noticed that the basic raid card was a perc 6, not even a perc6i 🙁 The basic card only does Raid 0 and 1. So I said well should change that at same time..

As I waited for the board and card to arrive I installed freenas latest version on the T310 with my 4 x 2tb wd drives to play..

Few weeks later the goodies arrived! Now the plan is to install the card and new motherboard update the firmware’s and maybe install Windows 2008 storage server and play with that.

Temp Drives & Testing.

Well since updating the firmware didn’t make this beast quiet, I thought i would try something else. I had this weird HUNCH that maybe it needs drives ?

Before just ramming drives into the server with out Caddy’s to hold them, I had to add a piece of Tape to the drive, to protect the back-plane from shorting out. If you look inside the server you will see some small gold fingers, these are contacts that touch the Hard Drive Caddy to turn on the lights at the front so you can see status of the drive.. The one thing about the new servers they have a few lights on the front of the caddy showing Failure & spinning & activity.

After putting some tape on 2 drives and sliding the drives carefully into the server. I turned it on and hopped into the F5 Raid menu to create a simple raid array & simple test volume.

After exiting the Raid config, SHIT ! the server went quiet, it went from Idling the fans at 33% to 5% WOAH !! it’s QUIET.. ALL this time i thought the server needed firmware. I did a massive amount of googling and thread posting and asking people with these servers. No one could tell me why the fans were running fast.. SO note to anyone that see’s this post that The server needs Drives & firmware updates to make it quiet. THEN it can be in the same room as you and not drive you crazy.

G8 Firmware Updates.. SHHH this Beast!

Ok did LOTS AND LOTS of googling and facebook group searching for the latest SPP ISO for this box. Apparently HP doesn’t like to give out the updates for free & they make it very hard to find this SPP update Disc.

So apparently updating the server’s Firmware’s & iLo and other thing’s didn’t make it quiet 🙁 DAMNIT !!

Back to finger walking on Google.

Heat-Sinks Are in ! Let’s Apply Power

YES YES ! The heat-sinks have arrived! Lets install them and power this beast on..

Ok so the heat-sinks are installed but.. Wait a second.. This beast is loud ? What the ? After watching all the videos on youTube of this exact model, they are all quiet.. What’s going on here.

OHH!! the bios & Firm-Wares are all out dated. OK lets go install all those now.. Get you’re google fingers ready..

Waiting Game & Storage

As I am waiting for the heat-sinks to arrive for the G8 server, I did some googling & Facebook Group posting & a little bit of ebay surfing.. remember this is for a home lab I don’t need brand new and to pay a fortune for drives.

After a bit of ebaying I came to the conclusion that 3tb drives were about 100$ each, not bad I guess.. One last time I posted in the Home Lab’s group asking for anyone if they know or were selling any 3.5″ drives. Score, a friend of mine that i bought drives from messaged me and said I am, I have 6 3tb 3.5″ 7200RPM drives for sale. Wicked, he also got me the Caddys for them cheap, those things are like $20 each on ebay and $75 each brand new from HP.. So a small bundle of money that I had from selling my T610 went towards buying drives & heat-sinks for my G8…

Another Waiting game.. 🙁 Canada Post was slow at this time of season ( Christmas )

My Hp ML350p G8 Server.. AKA Beast :)

I have decided to ditch the small rack I had and go with a single Tower server. I had no issues at all with my last setup, other than it was a little power hungry & made some decent heat in my man-cave.

My goal was to improve on the power consumption & smaller foot print. I was doing some ebay surfing at a close by page ( within Canada ) and found this HP ML350p. $200 score ? not to sure about that. The server had no issues worked fine BUT came with no heat-sinks.

First Mission was to find heat-sinks for this beast, was that easy ? NOPE Ebay selling them each was about $75-110 US that’s about 150$ with shipping PER heat-sink Canadian. RIP OFF!! Did a little more searching and found a guy selling some, decided to message him and ask him if he is willing to ship to Canada and if he was firm on his offer. His reply was make me an offer. I countered with 100$ shipped & he accepted.

The machine came with 64 gigs DDR3 16 x 4gig hp sticks, totally upgrading that. Dual 6core Xeon E5-2620’s.. Yeah i might upgrade those later if i need to, but for now they are fine.. So now the fun was waiting for the heat-sinks to arrive.. over Christmas about 1.5 weeks later..

New Year New Content 2019

Well I have decided to backup the old word press keep it stored away for it’s content and start a new Year and all new content.

I will still be posting about Audio & electronics projects along with “more” Computer & networking projects..