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A big project!

A nice big SMD amplifier project!

Yep, a 800watt monoblock amplifier, utilizing 14 irfp9240-irfp240 drives with 90v rails.

First step is to build test boards and make any mods for final boards. Since this amplifier is a bit older, it’s suggested to do a few test boards first.

I do have a few really good ideas tho.

The SSR v1.0 ! White aio board.

Alright I’ll start off with, it has one issue, took me a while to find out what I did wrong ! BUT, it works perfect and I accomplished my goal!

What was wrong ? I somehow missed a wire in the pcb drawing process and didn’t tie input sense to the speaker terminal, very important wire too!

After finding the issue and making the missed connection she came alive and worked perfectly ! Now onto revision 1.5, made a few changes and have a few more ideas for different versions for new applications.

New idea, smaller and can be used with and without chassisbmounted binding posts.

New bench psu !

Been waiting years for one of these, it came on sale so I snatched one up!

“UPDATE” I created a Youtube Video :

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