Home Rack…

Well, i finally bought my self a 4post rack, whats going to go into this beast ? All kind’s of goodies.

Top to bottom :

Untangle Firewall Core 2 duo 2.2 4 gigs ram 4 intel low profile gigabit NIC’s
Supermicro 1u P4 Box 4 gigs ram virtual toy, for installing os’s firewalls and toying, ( currently running PfSense 2.0 )

Dlink 16 port 10/100 switch to separate 2 external ip’s One for Untangle one for Pfsense
Dell 24 port Gigabit switch ( internal network servers & other goodies )
Linksys 24 port 10/100 home switch run’s tv Wii Wireless printer nas unit’s.

Bottom ( kinda hidden ) 4 u server 16 gigs ram i3 processor 6 x 500 gig raid 10 drives.
Windows 2008R2 running HyperV with 6 vm’s running.

Untangle Firewall….



Untangle is a free UTM firewall. What does it do ? Its a linux based firewall that has several packages / features. One feature that i use every day is it’s VPN package. This package contains the software for a vpn connection from any os.

The vpn module that comes with it is called openvpn, free and open sourced. I use this 24/7 when im out on the road to gain access to my network at home and other things ( nas storage boxes ).


Another feature that’s installed and running is all it’s Antivirus features & spyware features, this monitors traffice entering my home network. Untangle will stop / block all unwanted traffic and malware that is not suppose to be entering the network.


My unit is setup in “Router-Mode” with 4 subnets at home, along with rules for certain subnets not talking to other subnets.

When you log into the “untangle” interface via a web-browser you see :




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