Apple 1U’s

Got my self a set of older Apple x-serve units. One’s a g4 dual 1.0 no drives or ram, the other is a G5 no cpu ram or hdd’s.

Had the g4 working till the smoke decided to come out all on it’s own.

Hope to scrounge some parts to complete the G5, as it needs to processors Sata Drives & ram.

New Storage Server Build

New Storage server, will be used for ISCSI & a few NFS folder’s for downloads.

The server is a ASUS RS120-E4/PA4 and consist’s of core2duo 2.2 & 8 gigs DDR2 & 4 2tb SATA drives, not sure if im going to be running 2008R2 Storage server or FreeNas 8.2.