Tame, those fans

Having some trouble with the fans in my 1U ASUS 4 bay server ( RS120-E4 / PA4 ) Using a Core2Duo 2.4 with 4 gigs ram & soon to be 4 2tb drives, this beast makes noise.

I did do the bios update and now it has smart fan II, however it’s useless smart fan II the machine is still loud, i know in side the unit it has controlable fans *5 pin* they should be able to go to a WAY lower rpm, like the other brother server under it, those fans sit around 800-900rpm and are so quiet.

The new RS120 won’t get much of a cpu load as a storage server so i don’t really think it will get warm, i will monitor it for sure tho.

Doing some research i found that the asus motherboard uses a Winbond chip W8362 witch controls the fans and monitors the temp at different zones inside the server.

Researching and googling a little, i came across this.

SpeedFan 4.43 software, it aparently talkes to the winbond chip and will allow you to slow the fans down.

Stay tuned, i will install windows and test this out 🙂

screen shots of the software.


well doing some more research, i found that the fans that are in it ( 5 wire AVC) are the units that make so much noise. Im going to email the company and see if they have 24V version, if they do ill replace them with that. If they don’t well ill keep them unplugged for now.

Picture of the fans,

Model is DF04056B12U they are 12V high rpm high air flow VERY LOUD fans, funny enough the server thats under it uses the same fans and are dead silent 🙁

Fan’s inside.

Actual Fan.

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