Windows 2008R2 Storage Server & iscsi.

Well, I have been playing with Freenas8.0.x, and wanting to learn the Microsoft version of iscsi. This weekend I got a few spare moments to tackle this. I have a test box i use for playing / learning on so i popped in the 2008 Storage Server dvd ( after downloading from Miscrosoft Technet site ) and installed the main os, then downloaded the iscsi software.

Took me a few trys, after installing it 3 times, I learned that the problem I was having was related to the iscsi ports being blocked by windows server firewall. After creating a rule to “allow” it worked 100%.

So now, do I move to WSS 2008 OR stay with Freenas.

The box, yep! Just sitting on the floor of the server closet 🙂

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