Zyxel EOP Setup

A few months ago,I posted a few questions about ethernet over power ( ac ) last week my friend got her Zyxel EOP kit. In the beginning she only needed one computer at the end location, when I arrived to set it up she asked about 2 computers, in the documentation it doesn’t say if it supports 1-2 devices.

So I brought it home and tested it. It works great, plugged it all around the house, then took the second unit down stairs and connected a small 8 port 3com 10/100 switch and 2 laptops my wifes and mine.

Here are the pictures

Drawing to understand how it works.

Setup :

Second Unit.

First Unit Up Stairs :


New Cisco Switch

Bought my self a new Cisco SG-200-26 managed 24 port gigabit switch. So nice, took me a few days to play learn and get it working, after calling Cisco of course. Had a battle with the switch, because I was getting the DELL configuration terms mixed up with the Cisco terms, as they are just a bit different.

After calling Cisco Business support and being on the phone for about 10 min, I was able to configure & setup vlan’s on this switch with a breeze.


Opening Box.

Out Of Box


Been having HUGE issues with ShawCable, where i live 🙁 i’m paying for a 35 down & 2.5 up, and im getting 15max down durig day when no one is home in this area and at night i get between 2-5 down at night 🙁

So the replaced my modem, with this new Cisco unit.

AND BEHOLD im still on a crappy download, the tech that comes out keeps telling them changing modems won’t help. It’s a saturation issue for sure, new subdevision..