QNAP 410u 1u Storage Server

Bought this little gem for 300$, at the time I was pricing out 1tb-2tb sata drives, brand new they were going for $159 and up OUCH!

I had remember talking to a friend on [H] Forum, and remembered that he had a storage server for sale, the price was lowered so I scooped it up. Thought to my self, if it’s to slow for my iscsi target’s then i would just move the drives into the original iscsi server and use the qnap-410u for backups or msc storage.

Specs :

800mhz single core cpu
dual 1 gig nic’s
2 usb ports
4 x 1tb seagae 7200rm drives.

HOWEVER, configuring the qnap, and updating the firmware, I found it to be perfect for my hyper-v storage. It’s currently running 7 vm’s and just perfectly. Later on i plan on installing 4 2-3 tb drives for more storage.

Pictures ( yes yes pictures )

Rear of the unit.

Been searching on google for months for pictures of a qnap with the lid off NOT ONE PICTURE, however there are some now 🙂


LOTS “O” Ramz

Well, this time I finally ordered the right ram 🙂 4 x 8 gig x8 sticks od DDR3 ram, with a total of 32 gigs 🙂

Max the Asus Server will take.

Pics of it installed..

Installed into the server.

Putting cover back on..

Some Hyper-V Action.


Now I can sit down, and start a fresh install of SBS2011, and start learning 🙂

Food @ training……

Some food’s that I ate while I was here in Pennsylvania.

Pizza, Everyone loves this stuff 🙂

Barqs has bite ?

Steak & Frits.

This was peanut butter pie, DAM it was soooo good.

Bacon Cheese Berger ?


Well, for xmas, the wife asked me what I wanted. I immediately hollard NEWEGG gift card 🙂 for weeks I have been wanting to upgrade my Asus hyperv server to more ram.

Researching for many weeks, finding out it needs x8 ram and can have a max of 32 gigs of it. So over those weeks I added the ( what I thought was correct ) ram to my shopping cart and thought after xmas (boxing day ) I would buy the ram.

Getting all excited and NOT remembering that my server uses x2 x8 ram NOT X4, guess what i ordered 32 gigs of ? YEP x4 🙁 how did I find this out to late ? after putting it all in after powering off all my vms AND after I pulled it out of the rack to install the ram.

Installing it back in the rack and powering it on I get the power of full throttle fans and no video 🙁

Of course I start trouble shooting it, thinking maybe one of the chips wasn’t seated etc etc. Nope, wasn’t that. Took it all out and put in a 2 gig stick I had and wola it boots.

After looking at the box and checking the pn# from Kingston I realized that I added the wrong ram to my cart 🙁 FML LESSON LEARNED

However the good out comes of this were :

A) some great photo’s of the server 🙂
B) newegg.ca was great at returning and refunding.
C) got to install my new HP dual Gb pci-e NIC

Some pics.


Server out & ram in !

Looking Pretty, but no booting.


Inside the clean Server

More Training

Well today learned about how to build a storage array, what raid levels do, ( learned the correct term & spec of raid 5 )

Learned how to wiring the system and what each cable does and where it goes.

Learned how to setup Luns & raid groups and host groups etc etc.

THEN got to play see what the system does when you pull ( two ) fans out of the CX3-80

P.s IT doesn’t like that

got to watch it dump the cache and power off…

Then I got to transfer data from the host machine that we setup and then pull a drive out, watch it start faulting and logging errors then swapping to #14th drive ( that I set for hot spare ) watching it swap over and start working, then re-inserted the drive I pulled out and watched the transfer rate slow down a bit and see it rebuilding in the system manager software.

THEN I walked over and pulled 2 drives drive POOF it fails and the storage goes missing LOL ! that was sweet plugged them back in and it came back on line with more faults and started rebuilding fast as I have it set to rebuild = ASAP.. Pretty cool stuff watching it rebuild and what it does in the logs and how it dumps..

after that I destroyed the raid group, built another one but this time build a raid 10 with 13 drives & a hot spare.. built I and tried the same thing kinda watching it fail then re-build how it swaps over etc etc..

Pretty neat stuff.. I know this is almost EOL stuff but it’s still in production and runs in customers environments so I have to know how to support it…

System All wired up with 1 host connected.

Pretty Lights.

Host server 😛 Pretty nice unit, wish i had one.



Storage array’s

Travelling To EMC Training.

Work has sceduled me to go to Malvern Pennsylvania, for training at our Unisys Office EMC training center.

This is a picture from the plane at 6:30pm PA time,

Plane screen showing the path & time.

New Hobby

Friend of mine sent me a P25 radio with a encryption module in it. Came with Battery Charger & Motorola P25 Radio. This year i hope to get into a new hobby ( radio’s ) and some more wireless stuff.