More Training

Well today learned about how to build a storage array, what raid levels do, ( learned the correct term & spec of raid 5 )

Learned how to wiring the system and what each cable does and where it goes.

Learned how to setup Luns & raid groups and host groups etc etc.

THEN got to play see what the system does when you pull ( two ) fans out of the CX3-80

P.s IT doesn’t like that

got to watch it dump the cache and power off…

Then I got to transfer data from the host machine that we setup and then pull a drive out, watch it start faulting and logging errors then swapping to #14th drive ( that I set for hot spare ) watching it swap over and start working, then re-inserted the drive I pulled out and watched the transfer rate slow down a bit and see it rebuilding in the system manager software.

THEN I walked over and pulled 2 drives drive POOF it fails and the storage goes missing LOL ! that was sweet plugged them back in and it came back on line with more faults and started rebuilding fast as I have it set to rebuild = ASAP.. Pretty cool stuff watching it rebuild and what it does in the logs and how it dumps..

after that I destroyed the raid group, built another one but this time build a raid 10 with 13 drives & a hot spare.. built I and tried the same thing kinda watching it fail then re-build how it swaps over etc etc..

Pretty neat stuff.. I know this is almost EOL stuff but it’s still in production and runs in customers environments so I have to know how to support it…

System All wired up with 1 host connected.

Pretty Lights.

Host server 😛 Pretty nice unit, wish i had one.



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