QNAP 410u 1u Storage Server

Bought this little gem for 300$, at the time I was pricing out 1tb-2tb sata drives, brand new they were going for $159 and up OUCH!

I had remember talking to a friend on [H] Forum, and remembered that he had a storage server for sale, the price was lowered so I scooped it up. Thought to my self, if it’s to slow for my iscsi target’s then i would just move the drives into the original iscsi server and use the qnap-410u for backups or msc storage.

Specs :

800mhz single core cpu
dual 1 gig nic’s
2 usb ports
4 x 1tb seagae 7200rm drives.

HOWEVER, configuring the qnap, and updating the firmware, I found it to be perfect for my hyper-v storage. It’s currently running 7 vm’s and just perfectly. Later on i plan on installing 4 2-3 tb drives for more storage.

Pictures ( yes yes pictures )

Rear of the unit.

Been searching on google for months for pictures of a qnap with the lid off NOT ONE PICTURE, however there are some now 🙂