Ubuntu Server 11.10 & Virtual Server Software

This is pretty sweet, pretty easy to setup and runs fast. This is a core 2 duo 2.0 with 2 gigs ram and a 160 gig hdd. Running Ubuntu Server x64 11.10 with the Gnome GUI installed.

Installed with Windows 2000 vm playing around and trying the install & setup configurations.

Windows 2000 at the install Screen.


Rack Picture

The Rack is getting cleaner, and more updated. As of today January 1st 8pm 2012 the list of eq is 🙂

1 asus server xeon quad core & 2 x 500 gig hdds
1 asus intel core 2 duo & 4 x 160 gig hdds
1 Cisco sg-200
1 Cisco 10/100 24 port switch
1 sonicwall tz210
1 15″ dell lcd ( off when not in use )
1 wd 2tb nas drive
1 wd 1tb usb drive
1 apc 1500 ups
2 poe adapters 1 for voip phone & 1 for WAP
1 shuttle computer indel core2 duo 2.2 2 hard drives inside

Pulling : 321.8 Watts.

Ubuntu Server 11.10 X64 Virtualization.

Been playing with Ubuntu 11.10 x 64 Server with the GUI installed and some other goodies. I Was reading one day about virtualization servers and what softwares are out there that people use. So i thought i would give this one a try.

So far it’s just a test machine, will try to install a few vm’s after i install a 2gig chip. Probably install a windows 2000 vm & something small just to play and see how it works etc etc.