Learning SBS 2011

As you can see, I bought http://www.dashpuppy.com. Why ? So I have my own domain with www, Email & internal domain. of course I expect to have issues on and off, but thats the whole point. I want to learn SBS, and the only way I’m going to learn it is if i put it into use at home. I also bought a static ip, so the site shouldn’t have any issues.

I’ve always just paid for hosting & a domain, thats pretty easy to setup and manage. Doing it all at home is going to be fun and a great learning experience. Many have stated it’s all wizard based now, BUT there’s no wizard for when things break 🙂

Qnap, reporting Degrade.

Logged into my qnap the other day and I saw this 🙁 Failing hard drive, so ordered a new one identical to the one that’s failing. Will wait till summer time to order new 2 or 3tb drives and do a migrate.

Went XEN 6.0

After playing with Xen 6.0 on a spare machine that I keep around. I converted my 4 vm’s that run inside Hyper-V on my 2008r2 box. Installed & did all the updates for xen, installed the networking & iscsi storage settings. Then imported the vm’s and poof, all is working just like that.. DAM simple too.

Screen shot of when I was installing updates. yep thats 32gigs of ram 🙂

Screen shot of all the vm’s running.

Learning V-Lans as i want to seperate my test sbs machine from the other network.