Installing Xen on the R415 & Updates.

Got the server all warmed up and checked over, raid setup. Planning on throwing in 4 x 500 gig drives in raid6 soon, gota wait for funds 🙂

Here is teh server sitting on my rack doing some install’s & updates for Xen.

Here she is all racked, yes it’s messy in this picture, i was migrating the new dell server in & a new firewall bit for bit.

New Xen Server

I sold my AWESOME Asus RS-300 server, and bought my self a nice 1U Dell R415.

Spec’s :

Two 2.2GHZ Quad Core Opteron Processors
Two 500GB Hitachi Ultrastar 7200rpm hot plug drives ( soon to be 4 )
4x2GB PC3-10600 1333MHZ Ram, soon to be 24 gigs, then 64 gigs
H200 Raid Controller
Includes IDrac 6 Express ( soon to be idrac6 Enterprise )
Two Hot Plug Power supplies

The server doesn’t have rail’s or a front bezel but I plan to get that stuff later on, along with stuff this beast with 64 gigs ram, should be 8 x 8gig sticks 🙂



Untangle this ASA Box

Bought this MSA Security Appliance off BlueFox, the specs were perfect for what i was going to do with it.

Did ton’s of reading on the ( default os ) read lots looked like a pita, so ditched it ASAP!!

The hardware has 6 x 1gb intel nic’s and a LGA775 socket.

So i removed the stock hdd, put it into a static bag and into the closet where it’s going to collect dust, it still has the original os & restore partition on it. Keeping it just incase i decide to sell this box and play with something else..

installed Untangle x64 bit 9.2 and updated it. the default install see’s all nic’s YES!!

I have a close friend that is very good at building os drivers and coding etc etc, so the next thing id like to try is getting the LCD to output some information IE CPU usage or hdd etc etc. Might be a long shot but worth whyle, i know astaro has a box that has a lcd, and the new Untangle boxes have a lcd & buttons.


Unboxed and on top of my rack

LCD showing cpu info.

Cpu Usage,

System Information.

Installing Untangle 9.2 x64 🙂

One thing i always do to hardware i get my hands on, REMOVE old thermal paste and re- GOOP it 🙂 only one issue in this case, the stock goo was so dam sticky and hard to remove was a real pain in the ass.

one thing i might try this weekend, is see if i can install untangle to a 64/32 gig cf card, since this box has a cf card slot might give it a whirl.

All Moved & Clean.

Moved the Rack from the “RIGHT” side of my desk to the left, to keep it out of the way and all cleaned 🙂

To make this work, I had to pull the cables that were going to the left side of the desk out, and route them the opposite way.

Tied the cables up, so it’s one long snake, for when I need to pull the rack out I can 🙂

few cables are tied up under the desk till i get time to route them and decide if im moving my printer or not..

Sitting in her home :0

Maybe back to Untangle ?

Well, over the last few months I have been using a Sonicwall TZ210, not that bad of a unit. UNTIL you use more than 2 vlans. Trycopying a few gig file over a vlan, and POOF the router spikes to 100% and well, it either will lock up OR kill all connections..

SOOOOO, I have been playing with Untangle again, going to build a temp box * see picture * and play with it again, last version I played with was 8.0, I see that they are up to 9.2 now 🙂 More features and looks to be a bit more usefull.

One thing i wish they would get is VLAN support 🙁