Hp tx1000 Tablet

Got this little gem for free, when turning it on, it showed no display at all, did some googling and YouTube research, and it needed to have the gpu re-flowed. I followed the YouTube movie and she came back to life.

Installed 4 gigs ram and a 128 gig sad and she’s fast and pretty slick, it’s running legit vista but it’s working great.


Green Is In

The new Untangle box is in and working great!

Now to wait till some Ca$h is in hand, and i’ll buy a new i3 Chip Board & ram, wiht a quad port low profile NIC and do a new unit in this case.

R415 Updates

Got some goodies from Ebay..

16 gigs Ram ( 2 x 8 gig sticks ) more to come
Idrac 6 Enterprise card
2 x hot swap bays.

Hole where the idrac goes 😛


Two of these got installed 🙂

Both installed 🙂

All booted mem test passes ram, time to put her back in the rack.