WiFi @ the Rents

Well, few weeks ago one of the rents came to me with a infected computer rattled with viruses. So i cleaned it up, and then installed a “untangle” box for them, so we can eliminate virus’s Spyware’s and malware. So far, its working great.

Now the new issue, they HAD a dlink router that just SUCKED BADLY at wifi range. So we ordered them a new Engenius ECB3500 WAP. Will be installing it this friday for them when they return. Will also post picture of before & after screen shots of inSSIDer’s graph of the range.

Picture of the unit on my desk,

side View,

Box, it comes in.

That’s a 2.5″ Laptop Hard drive for size comparison of the unit.


Installed all the goodies, got it all up and running RENTS = HAPPY!

Dlink switch for the pc’s & wap to connect from Untangle Box below.

OOOO Pretty lights,

Old untangle box, that’s about to be replaced in a week.

NOW some inSSIDer action, showing that they are all between each other, not overlapping.

Sumore, Win8.

Here are some screen shots of windows 8 on my Dell Vostro V131, on a 120 gig ssd with 6 gigs of ram.

Windows 8 ran fast, have a few issues to resolve, like windows updates just not going at all, and figuring out how to copy urls from images.

Here is a screen shot of taskmanager, VERY NICE more details YES YES!!

Good old HATE THIS.. ( guess im not used to it yet, thats why )

Plugged in my mouse, and this is what it looks like when you add hardware.

Windows 8 has built in defender AND av software ?

Screen shot of me trying to copy a url from a jpg on line, WTF..

Sonicwall SSL tunnel Mode.

Here is how to setup SSL VPN :
1. Log into your Sonicwall, and expand “Network”
2. Click on “Interfaces” and then click on the Configure link for your WAN connection.
3. Make sure the box that says “User Login: Https” has a check mark, and then click “OK”
4. Expand “SSL VPN” on the left, and then click “Server Settings”
5. Click the red dot next to “WAN” and wait for it to turn green.
6. Click “Client Settings” on the left, and then configure an IP address range for your SSL VPN Guests, also configure the User Domain, and DNS servers.
7. Click “Client Routes” on the left pane, Enable “Tunnel All Mode”, this is done to ensure all traffic sent by the client appears to originates from the main office, and not the client’s home router.

Now let’s create a user and grant them access to the appropriate networks during an VPN connection.
1. Expand “Users” on the left, and then click on “Local Users”.
2. click “Add User…”
3. On the “Settings” tab, give the user a username and password.
4. On the “Groups” tab, Add the user to “Trusted Users”, “Everyone”, and “SSLVPN Services”. Click OK.
5. Click “Local Groups” on the left.
6. Click on the “Configure” button for the group “Trusted Users”
7. Click on the “VPN Access” tab, add “LAN Subnets” and “WAN RemoteAccess Networks” to the list. Click OK.
Now have the user connect to the SSL VPN, open a command prompt and ping anything, the first hop should be the main office’s WAN connection’s Default gateway, this shows that you’re tunneling all traffic over the SSL VPN and still able to get online.

VPN SSL Security.

I’ve been reading A TON of information about public wifi & hotspot. In reality, they are dangerous. There are people out there that are staying at coffee shops & free wifi location using them to steal peoples identity’s and other VERY valuable information. Even Hotels are under attack these days.

Some people don’t realize this is a huge issue.. Why ? because having free “wifi” is important to get on facebook check your email etc etc.

So to make a long story short, I’ve been reading about keeping your computer safe and preventing this type of thing. I re-setup the sonicwall TZ210 with ssl vpn using AES256 encryption, and configured it for tunnel mode. This means ALL my traffic is encrypted BACK home and through my UTM firewall.

Here is a few screen shots. This is what it looks like on the ipad.

Little bit of Sonicwall information 🙂

This is what it looks like on the PC laptop,

Log in screen,

Showing the tunnel mode.


Fast “RED” SSD

Got the new Corsair 240gig SSD in. Yep, it’s nice and “RED” and looks very sweet.

Installed it into my Vostro V131 lastnight and did a fresh install of windows 7 64bit, installed all the laptop drivers and did some testing. YEP ITS FAST!

Windows boots in about 8-15 seconds.

Raw Drive.

About to install it.

HD Tune screen shot showing it’s performance.

Drive installed.

Another Failed

Another failed drive in the Qnap 410U, got an email to my iphone stating that a drive in bay #4 failed.. FML. Good thing I have another on hand. Will create the RMA in the morning 🙁 This is the 3rd drive I have replaced. I think’s me is going to be changing to WD drives.

The ideal plan would be to buy 4 1-1.5tb black’s for my Dell R415 and run all my vm’s off the main xen server.

Then buy 4 2tb wd green’s for the Qnap, and use it for my personal files & downloads & backup vm’s.