WiFi @ the Rents

Well, few weeks ago one of the rents came to me with a infected computer rattled with viruses. So i cleaned it up, and then installed a “untangle” box for them, so we can eliminate virus’s Spyware’s and malware. So far, its working great.

Now the new issue, they HAD a dlink router that just SUCKED BADLY at wifi range. So we ordered them a new Engenius ECB3500 WAP. Will be installing it this friday for them when they return. Will also post picture of before & after screen shots of inSSIDer’s graph of the range.

Picture of the unit on my desk,

side View,

Box, it comes in.

That’s a 2.5″ Laptop Hard drive for size comparison of the unit.


Installed all the goodies, got it all up and running RENTS = HAPPY!

Dlink switch for the pc’s & wap to connect from Untangle Box below.

OOOO Pretty lights,

Old untangle box, that’s about to be replaced in a week.

NOW some inSSIDer action, showing that they are all between each other, not overlapping.

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