SonicWall NSA2400 Quiet!

A friend of mine was saying that he wants to have his NSA2400 in his computer room, so he grabbed it from the rack and I went and picked it up.

Yeah we all know that rack equipment can be noise and annoying 🙁 BUMMER! because I have the fix for that 🙂

I really don’t know why these company’s put in a good thermal management controller inside, it would be much nicer. Hence heat rises fans move more air, heat is low fans are running low.

Inside a SonicWall NSA2400, looks pretty bare and really not to much to this unit, kinda looks like their old 2040 units. PSU is the same, fans and chassis is the same. They basically just changed the front plate ( witch comes off ) and the board inside.

More Fan Stuff

Well, playing with this voltage regulator, and all different styles sizes and types of fans. The common fan that is used in 1U equipment is the SanAce 40 fan they are 40x40x28 “mm” fans @ 12V.

Running it through the regulator at 6V-7V its pretty quiet and still moves a fair bit of air to keep the device cool.

So I ordered some resistors and 3 pin clips & cables to do more experimenting. stuff should be here in a week.

More ideas have evolved of this project, and in my head, its getting big 🙂 more ideas and more features.

The Start Of The Fan Project

We all know dash is good at cooling and modifying things to be quieter 🙂 So been planning a new dedicated fan module. I’m going to be creating several models for fan controlling.

Right now this is a 7$ unit off ebay that I was playing with, to see how good the LM317 actually is.

My plans will be to have a SMD version so it takes up VERY little space, since we wont be pulling a pile of current from small fans I can get away with small Surface Mount Devices.

In my project, I want to have a lcd version USB version and multiple fan’s plus different zones.

The start,

Here is the ebay unit, for testing. I soldered a dc input jack so I can pull the power when not in use or experimenting..

Have it sitting at 6.11V and applying different fan’s that I have on my bench to see what voltages to do different sizes & types of fans.

Concealing @ Dad’s House.

Did a cat6 run with my dad today, they bought a new house and it has a shed out back, He wanted to have his WAP in the house, but the cable modem phone modem & untangle firewall in the shop on a shelf.

So after screwing around for 2 hours trying to get the cable to go down, we started to dig and find the stupid elbow 🙁

Found it broke it, then did the fish, at the other end, was another elbow, but we got it through after some cutting and pulling..

We ran a 1/4″ piece of teflon tube for some water for him to have & cat6 cable.

The digging side,

The shop side, ( down hill a little bit )

OH and the blood all over my hand from being cut open..

SonicWall TZ210 Cooling..

Well, a few weeks ago I started using the TZ210, since I got another free year’s subscription and probably many more years. I’m actually going to use it more.

I did notice one day when I was working on things in my rack that the TZ210 got warm, so I got more curious and borrowed my dads laser temp gun. Just as I thought it was getting warm, so once again I popped the screws out of the case, and measured the temp on the actual cpu heat-sink. YES YES THIS beast got warm, no need for it to be sitting at that high of a temp.

Outside the case,

And actual Cpu Heat-Sink,

So a week or so went by as I was planning out a new fan & bracket, the person that was going to make the bracket for me got to busy. So I had to bring out the dremel & drill press and make my own.

Soldered a 3 pin fan connector so I can remove the fan when ever I needed to, the fan is now running at 5V and is quiet.

Made the bracket, it holds the fan in the middle of the chassis between the main board & top of the case so it can pull air in, then push it across the cpu heat-sink.

Took the Dremmel to the side of the case that the air blows out. The cutting disc that I had broke just as I was cleaning the burrs off the case, so ill have to tackle that some other day.

Fan mounted with main board.

Front view.

All up and running, 🙂 ( yes that’s 1gig in & 1 gig out.

Case on,

NOW she stays way cooler, and runs faster. Sure the manufacture has a spec on the cpu and how hot it should get, BUT if you keep it cooler, then there will be no issues and will last MUCH MUCH longer.

Next year or this one, I might buy a NFR NSA2400.. 🙂

The Rentals NEW Untangle box….

The parents in law, have a untangle box but it’s on its lower legs of living. So we talked and this week we bought a new Dell Desktop & new Untangle box.

The box is a bare bones unit from for 89$

BIOSTAR ECO i4v Intel Core 2 Quad/Duo / Pentium Dual-Core/ Celeron Intel Socket T(LGA775) Intel G41 Intel GMA X4500 Barebone $89

I stuffed in a LGA775 Dual core chip, 2 gigs ram, 1 x pci gig NIC & a 160gig hdd.

Installed Untangle, and she’s good to go.

Even moded the exhaust fan so it’s running slower / quieter to pull warm air out of the case.

This is what it looks like when you open the cover.

Cleaned up the cables,

Here she sit’s with out it’s pedestal feet attached.

Exchange & Load ?

Looks like Exchange is a hdd access HOGG & memory Eater 🙂 well DUH! LOL! It’s putting my Qnap Storage server to work, the little Qnap 410u is only a single core cpu, so i might be upgrading to a newer unit soon OR re-configuring my xen server.

New config will have to be 4 x 1tb drives in the Dell R415 for local storage, and use the Qnap for folder shares backup’s and other small task’s..

TZ210 & Cisco ASA5505

I’ve been reading LOTS about Cisco ASA firewalls and Junipers & other manufactures, been wanting to buy a ASA5505 ( maybe ) It so happens that this week I have to install one for work, the downside ? It’s already pre-configured 🙁 OH WELL atleast I get to touch it and see what it looks like etc etc.

As always we are suppose to open the box and make sure the contents aren’t damaged 🙂

ASA5505 On top of the TZ210,

Side By Side,