SonicWall TZ210 Cooling..

Well, a few weeks ago I started using the TZ210, since I got another free year’s subscription and probably many more years. I’m actually going to use it more.

I did notice one day when I was working on things in my rack that the TZ210 got warm, so I got more curious and borrowed my dads laser temp gun. Just as I thought it was getting warm, so once again I popped the screws out of the case, and measured the temp on the actual cpu heat-sink. YES YES THIS beast got warm, no need for it to be sitting at that high of a temp.

Outside the case,

And actual Cpu Heat-Sink,

So a week or so went by as I was planning out a new fan & bracket, the person that was going to make the bracket for me got to busy. So I had to bring out the dremel & drill press and make my own.

Soldered a 3 pin fan connector so I can remove the fan when ever I needed to, the fan is now running at 5V and is quiet.

Made the bracket, it holds the fan in the middle of the chassis between the main board & top of the case so it can pull air in, then push it across the cpu heat-sink.

Took the Dremmel to the side of the case that the air blows out. The cutting disc that I had broke just as I was cleaning the burrs off the case, so ill have to tackle that some other day.

Fan mounted with main board.

Front view.

All up and running, 🙂 ( yes that’s 1gig in & 1 gig out.

Case on,

NOW she stays way cooler, and runs faster. Sure the manufacture has a spec on the cpu and how hot it should get, BUT if you keep it cooler, then there will be no issues and will last MUCH MUCH longer.

Next year or this one, I might buy a NFR NSA2400.. 🙂