The Start Of The Fan Project

We all know dash is good at cooling and modifying things to be quieter 🙂 So been planning a new dedicated fan module. I’m going to be creating several models for fan controlling.

Right now this is a 7$ unit off ebay that I was playing with, to see how good the LM317 actually is.

My plans will be to have a SMD version so it takes up VERY little space, since we wont be pulling a pile of current from small fans I can get away with small Surface Mount Devices.

In my project, I want to have a lcd version USB version and multiple fan’s plus different zones.

The start,

Here is the ebay unit, for testing. I soldered a dc input jack so I can pull the power when not in use or experimenting..

Have it sitting at 6.11V and applying different fan’s that I have on my bench to see what voltages to do different sizes & types of fans.