Been busy,

Sorry guys, been busy with new website and other hobby too. YEAH R/C Heli’s..

Have been planning out the new Astaro 9.x box just need time to build it and get it all working, will be switching the Sonicwall TZ210 out and installing the Astaro 9.x box. Then configuring the few V-lans that I will have.

WRV4000 + fan Mod :)


Have one of these and it get god dam wam, open it up to see a DINKY little cpu heatsink WTF why are manufactures so god dam cheap, why can’t they put any effort into these devices and put a fairly decent sized sink to keep them cooler….



Fan will fit inside the squares that are already in the plastic, after i dremmel it out, and no this is “NOT” the fan im going to use, im going to use half the thickness 🙂 this is just a mock up to get the idea across.

Will run it at around 5V ish, pulling air out, also take y drill and make the pin holes that are on the side of the case a bit bigger to pull air in.

Yealink Phone

My new phone came in, got it off ebay from a re-seller. $150 shipped to canada concidering its a 199$ phone in canada plus shipping & taxes. I sold my Cisco / Links SPA942 to a friend that wanted it and bought the Yealink.

Yeahlink SIP-T28P ( p = poe )

Configuring it via www..

It worked 100% behind the Sonicwall “UNTIL” I did a firmware update 🙁 DAMIT! should have just left it alone. I have a spare Cisco WRVS4000 firewall that I set up temporarily to test the phone on it to see if it was a firewall issue / settings or phone issue. Well it works perfectly on the WRVS4000. So its totally a sonicwall issue / firewwall issue.

Astaro Lab

Thought I would share some information on my Astaro lab, now that I got time to take a quick picture of it.

Hardware :

Hp 10/100 24 port Layer 2 switch
Shuttle PC Core 2duo 2.2 2 gigs ram 320gig hdd 1 Dual Port HP PCI-E gig card & 1 on board card
Dlink Nas Share Center
Engenius ECB3500
Dlink 10/100 16 port ( under the Shuttle system )

The idea here was to create a few vlans on the switch & astaro and test the throughput over vlan traffice. I created a few vlans, and put the dlink NAS drive on one vlan, then the laptop on the other. I then copied 500mb’s worth of files to the dlink and then back.

As you can see over time the CPU usage goes up, but nothing past 25%, thats totally better than the TZ210 I have, when doing this on the TZ210, it maxes out the cpu 100% EVEN with no features on. Just straigh vlans.

Astaro – Sophos

Been playing with Sophos ( aka bought out Astaro ), free version is pretty neat, only gives you 50 ip addresses but hey FOR HOME use perfect, it is a fully fetched UTM AND IT DOES VLANS something “Untangle” doesn’t do 🙁 One thing I really wished Untangle did 🙁

New login GUI!

Log in front end looks very similar to the old one,

NSA2400 = QUIET!!

Well, she’s finished 🙂 Got the nsa fans running at 7V and shes quiet. Friend, is going to be stoked to rack this and not be droned out by spinning fans…

close up shot,

And it running, I ran it for 3 days straight and used the termp gun, and shes cool & quiet.

I originally wanted to use some Voltage Regulators but that project isn’t done yet.