Astaro Lab

Thought I would share some information on my Astaro lab, now that I got time to take a quick picture of it.

Hardware :

Hp 10/100 24 port Layer 2 switch
Shuttle PC Core 2duo 2.2 2 gigs ram 320gig hdd 1 Dual Port HP PCI-E gig card & 1 on board card
Dlink Nas Share Center
Engenius ECB3500
Dlink 10/100 16 port ( under the Shuttle system )

The idea here was to create a few vlans on the switch & astaro and test the throughput over vlan traffice. I created a few vlans, and put the dlink NAS drive on one vlan, then the laptop on the other. I then copied 500mb’s worth of files to the dlink and then back.

As you can see over time the CPU usage goes up, but nothing past 25%, thats totally better than the TZ210 I have, when doing this on the TZ210, it maxes out the cpu 100% EVEN with no features on. Just straigh vlans.