More free ?

Got me a free hp home server WOOT! it doesn’t power on but I’m sure if I tinker or repair the psu I can get it working.. Never had one of these but have heard that they can be good for storage and other things 🙂

Door open.


Free Cisco AP

Got a free Cisco AP yesterday, i spied it in the garbage bin at a clients office, i asked what the bin was and he replied with the recycling bin. then he asked why, do you want something out of it, my eyes grew and said YES YES can i have teh cisco AP, he replied with you want the powersupply too ?

SCORED a nice Cisco AIR-Ap1131AG.

Took it apart after it not powering up and re-soldered the connector, then factory re-set it.

The unit.

Cover off,

Looks like something fun to play with..

More WIFI Next Door :)

The guys next door, has been having problems with tons of signal drop age next door, he’s been using the all in one shaw unit. They are ok for small apartments but not a house. So we bought him a new Engenius Long Range ECB300. This will solve his issues 🙂

He’s going to be one happy camper 🙂