Trex 500 Goes DFC by by Flybar !

some update’s and new’s

Well, got my parts today, as many of you know, maybe not though, I have been having HUGE problems with wobble, I would put a left or right stick input and after it set back to hover position there was a nasty wobble, well I figured that out WITH A FLUKE of the draw.

Apparently last time i changed my main shaft i grabbed a wrong bolt, the bolt that goes through the bottom of the main gear through the main shaft, i used a same length one, but not same diameter now the main shaft has no side to side play or slop WOOT WOOT!!

On my journey today, at the same time as ordering the main blade grips the the dfc upgrade, i ordered the shims & new upper & lower main bearing blocks. They arrived today, and when i was ready to install them SHIT BALLS they were to small, i started scratching my head and looked it up, i ordered the Trex 500 PRO ones, not the Trex500 efl WTF why can’t align just make the same chassis parts ALL the same and compatible, one of the ERKS of this brand that’s for sure.

I put the original ones back in as a friend said they were fine but id still like to replace them because i want SMOOTH not grindy feeling bearings.

ANWAYS I emailed rotorquest asking if i can swap them out if i paid return shipping for the new proper ones..Hopefully they exchange them for me ! since i have dropped several THOUSANDS of $$ at their store.

Pics of the head before i put it into the heli..