Balance this !!!

After paying 30$ last time for my DX7 radio neck strap balancer, I was shocked to see a friend doing this with his radio. BEST $0.65 cents I have ever spent in this hobby.

NOW my radio balanced perfectly flat when holding the radio with radio strap on the body.

Thought I would pass it along.

Of course I’ll shorten the bolt later.. and add some thread lock and a washer or 2


Well, it’s been a LONG LONG time talking to a fellow flyer in Vancouver. Friend of mine has been flying a Yard Bird Helicopter for a while now and he really enjoys it. Since i was in ancouver for a few days at Lexmark training, i got the chance to see a YardBird in person. I do admit “DAMN ITS NICE!” very simple clean great layout. Next heli i buy, might just be one of these.



Sorry about blurred one,

HC3-SX, installed & tested

Well, took my very first hover today on my Goblin 700, was very scary and i was sweating LOL! pretty scary taking this thing up in the air for the first time, it’s a CRAP load of money to have it tip over or crash on first spool up / flight.

Setting the throttle curve to 65% and up I went. I tried this yesterday but @ 80% and I was scared, very nerve wracking, so I waited till today. All went good. Tomorrow or next day if i have some spare time, I will get another flight on the heli and up the head speed PLUS hope to get the slight drift fixed. Once I have that Fixed, I’ll be able to setup the bail-out feature & self level.

Got Lipo ?

My 2 cell Flight battery for my Goblin 700 Next to my 12s ( stick pack ) 12s@5000 45C 🙂

Wife bought me the flight battery for my Goblin 🙂 BOO YA !

Charging Station ready to go :)

Well, all my pieces for my PL6, charging station is complete! Few posts back I built my charger PSU’s

Well, on sale i bought the parallel charging board and put on my own EC5’s, reason for this is, so i can use 4 EC5’s and 2 ec3’s for other things.

Charging station with parallel board & balance cable.

Now with EC5’s 🙂

Goblin Canopy’s PITA

I hate putting the canoppy on with the stock canopy, its a PITA, plus IMO the stock one sucks, they rip to easy too.


I suggest anyone, and almost everyone, that has issues putting it on and off, buy a bondo fiberglass repair kit from Canadian tire/ other places for 14$ and put a extra layer in the corners where they rip.

In the mean time, i ditched my stock canopy and bought this one for 44$ from

WICKED looking now, it allso FITS way better and with the first put on, it slid on properly and fit perfectly, no trimming needed at all.