Matrix & Goblin security :)

Been pondering many many ideas on how to strap my VERY EXPENSIVE heli into my car, and not have it move around OR get damaged while driving. having dad over one day, and he brought me a strap to try, it kinda worked but the heli still slid forward and kinda moved, 🙁 not good! After going back to my dad and telling him the strap didn’t work, he said what about using the rail that was on the back of the seat, use a bolt and a t-nut with something between the skids. BINGO i said GOD DAM!! that will work. So off to Canadian tire this weekend and i bought some 5/8 bolts 2.5″ long x 2 with some washers & wing nuts for easy of removal.

So this is the seat folded down flat, PLENTY OF ROOM for a large heli like a Goblin 700.. Notice the Stain-less steel bolts sticking up inside the rail..

Bought some rubber skid matt, they use this stuff on fishing boats or on surfaces that things shoulden’t slid on.. then pushed the bolts through it.

Goblin sitting perfectly with the bolts between the skids.

Worst picture, but only to describe what im doing. Notice that this will go ALL the way through the skids from both sides, and on front & back.