Quieter PLZ!!

Been using the PSU setup that I built a whyle back for my PL6 charger, this weekend I pushed her, charging 4 6s packs at 10 amp each, she made some heat. Sometimes I push it some times I don’t When I’m not pushing it the fans are running slow. when I’m pushing them harder, I can “NOW” change the fan speed to faster to keep the psu’s cooler..

Edit.. Added Movie !


Flying & saves…

Made it out to a new spot for flying this weekend. Few of us went out to Nanaimo lakes. ITS HUGE!! BUT it’s all concrete!! So you crash, and it’s not going to be pretty..

Some videos,

First flight on the Trex 500..

Second, but SAVED from a total crash !! Doing some inverted & lots of flips and forward flight.

Mark, FINALLY!!! got his goblin 700 Maiden done 🙂

Randy came out with his Radikal E640.

Rob, with his T600 Pro.

Moving faster.

Last week I posted some progress of my flying skills, they have been getting better and better and faster. Id have to call it, coming out of my shell.. ;o)

This week’s post with video is me flying my t500 FASTER sideways and at the ends of each pass I do a tail flip. One pass I do it 3 times before I come down..


PDQ Flying

Got my MAAC ( insurance to fly at insured fields) and headed up to the local flying field PDQ. Got some flying in on my Goblin 700 ( light flying ) and flew the 500 back and forth getting used to nose in and forward flight.

Mark standing beside his heli & mine.

Nakid goblin 🙂

After the flight…

Movie ?