Crashed My Goblin…

well, the goblin crashed yesterday 🙁 The good part, its only a 250$ parts crash PLUS battery 🙁

The cause ? Screw came out of the servo horn that holds it into the servo, I was warned never to use locktite, DAMN i should have used locktite. 🙁

Wasn’t to bad of a crash, IMO. I thought it was worse, till i got closer, landing gear survived, canopy survived tail boom, has a nick in the paint, BIG woop! that i can live with because i’m planning on getting new canopy & tail for xmas..

The main damage ? the end of the tail, fins blades gear shaft, main blades, belt..

The battery 12s5000 didn’t make it, the last cell on the bottom at the rear got munched, i took it apart as it wasn’t save to bring home, left the bad half at the field in a steel bin, emailed gensace about it see what they say.

The esc is not working either 🙁

let’s just say throttle hold was my last option and a wish from the above 🙂

Pictures 🙂 & Movie.