My Goblin 500 … ..

Sold all my Align Trex heli’s. Wanted to have all my heli’s the same brand, so I bought a Goblin 500.

SAB Goblin 500 Flybarless Electric Helicopter Yellow/Black Kit
QUANTUM Outrunner Brushless Heli Motor (4115- 1200KV) ( goblin 500 edition )
Align Cyclic Servos DS515M
Align Tail DS655 Digital Servo
Castle Talon 90 ( replacing soon with HobbyWing Platinum 100A-PRO )
Western Robotics Hercules Super Mini G2 BEC
Gens Ace 6S4400 battery.
AR7200BX ( replacing with V-Bar or HC3-SX )

So far it flys awesome, I still can’t get the Ar7200 dialed in to make it feel more locked in, always had issues with this. So a friend lent me a V-bar mini, so i’m going to attempt to install and configure it then fly it.

New sticker !!

At the Mission Wings flying field.

After flying all day !