More portable charging station progress…

Bought some nice 8 gauge wire yesterday, some really nice flexable high strand stuff. This is going to be for my Charger leads it will go to the top of my charging case from the psu. There are 3 cables 1 black for neg and 2 red’s 12V & 24V tap. Some times I need 12v for charging other things and will use the 24V for my PL6. Still beeen thinking about buying 2 12V @ 35ah batteris for light charging a few charges when no generator is available will be plenty.

Power terminals,

More pics to come.

Keep My stick fingers warm this winter

Bought a Turnigy Transmitter glove, for 12$ this can’t be beat. Few friends of mine have mentioned them and they all say this is the cats meow for the cold weather. It’t not meant to keep hand perfectly warm, but remove the wind across them when flying..

Pic? ( more to come )

new Soldering Station :)

After many many years of using a Weller, WTCPT, A friend of mine converted me 🙂 This new little Guy made it to my desk this week, ITS SMALL AND POWERFULL.. VERY NICE really like it too!

Ultimate Portable Charging station :) ( progressing )

After seeing so many ideas for charger case’s and setup on HeliFreak. I thought about building my own. Originally ( still might do it ) I was going to throw in 4 x 12V 35ah batteries. After finding out that the local company wanted 140 EACH I was like NO THANKS!! So for now I’ll wait and see if I can find some batteries for VERY cheap or free. usually if i wait on a project things come together better anyways..

So for now, I will stick with using my 2 x 12V hp power supplies and the Honda E1000 generator. The idea with the new case is to have everything in one box, so I have designed it to use a plate of ply wood then mont the psu’s undeer that. This should allow me to later on to put batteries inside.

Picture of the case new,

Wiring the batteries ( if i do this )

Working on the “Y” cord & plug.

Plug is installed.

Power cord testing.


This is all for now, stay tuned for more updates 🙂