Ultimate Portable Charging station :) ( progressing )

After seeing so many ideas for charger case’s and setup on HeliFreak. I thought about building my own. Originally ( still might do it ) I was going to throw in 4 x 12V 35ah batteries. After finding out that the local company wanted 140 EACH I was like NO THANKS!! So for now I’ll wait and see if I can find some batteries for VERY cheap or free. usually if i wait on a project things come together better anyways..

So for now, I will stick with using my 2 x 12V hp power supplies and the Honda E1000 generator. The idea with the new case is to have everything in one box, so I have designed it to use a plate of ply wood then mont the psu’s undeer that. This should allow me to later on to put batteries inside.

Picture of the case new,

Wiring the batteries ( if i do this )

Working on the “Y” cord & plug.

Plug is installed.

Power cord testing.


This is all for now, stay tuned for more updates 🙂