What a plane ? ~~UPDATED~~

Got me a plane to start playing with. A family member has been trying to get me into flying planes, so here it is. Instead of it being nitro though, its going to be electric. Conversion and more information coming…


Back from My Lexmark Training in Vancouver, bought some cheaper goodies, nothing expensive for my first plane AKA Lawn Dart.

Hobby Wing ESC 80HV, & Battery 4s3000 40c & a prop.

The plane with the wing on,

Small miss hap during shipping 🙂 Quick piece of clear packing tape and she’s all fixed.

Ordered a 40$ motor, should be here in a few weeks.

Another Update 🙂 & Video!!

Got the chance to setup the Radio & servos.


Quick Flight today!

AHHHH!! so awesome, a one pack 5 min flight, did some ticktocks & flips and more ticktocks. They arn’t pretty I’m still learning in and out and keeping it still but im getting there. Stick time makes it all that much better!!

Pheonix Simulator using a Jeti DS-16 Radio

One of the wicked things about the Jeti radio, is being able to use the simulator via wireless. To do this, I bought a Jeti R5 receiver, and installed a servo wire with plug on end into my Pheonix simulator dongle. When you do this the dongle will talk to the R5 receiver over PPM signal.

If you look at the dongle, in this picture. You will see 4 wires,

White from the receiver 3 pin wire is soldered to the PPM output on the Dongle, it’s harder to see but you get the idea.
Red is soldered to the far bottom and that’s 5v Positive from the usb cable.
Black is negative. for power to the receiver wire.

All done,

Jeti DS-16, OH YES!

PURE SWEETNESS! This arrived My new radio BOO YAA!! Jeti DS-16, full telemetry radio. F’n WICKED. The best radio i have ever used touched AND NOW I OWNE ONE!! Very nice radio.. Steep learning curve but well worth it.

Picture with my Goblin 500 🙂

Love this, part, Turning on the radio.


Hitting the bail out switch!


Yup, It’s a plane, & called the Gee Bee R1 AKA Chubby !

Chubby, because it looks like a chubby pig 🙂 short and fat. Saw one of these in a magazine, started looking around and fell in love with the looks. Been told it doesn’t fly to well for a BEGINNER!! Family member that got me into planes, said it might end up in foam pieces all over our flying field. 🙂

Need to order a few things, Jeti R5 receiver & possibly a Jeti current monitor unit, will tell me MAH and rpm etc etc. More info to come!