New Jet F9F-8 Cougar Arrived, New Project

AHHH been a long wait, finally just arrived! Now to look it over, and start planing the goodies!

I ordered this jet, took about 6 weeks, during the Christmas season, it was slow shipping BUT oh well! It arrived,

Now to buy a few goodies and start building next year 🙂

Opening the box!

The Jet on my bench,

Hidden Switch! Magnetic!

Been pondering and reasearching this, so i bought one. $49 gets you a magnetic switch.. WHY ?

It’s a pretty neat idea, if you have a plane or a Heli or a Jet, you can connect everything then put the canopy on or wing etc etc and then take your “unit” to the flight line and then, pull out your magnet and wave it over the spot for the switch and turn the plane, Jet, Heli ON or off 🙂

Been working on some ideas and new projects, that will alow me ” the world ” to use this new device and have all the current go through the switch and turn it all on with the flick of your magnet 🙂

Some helis & Jets & Planes are a PITA to plug everything in etc etc, then drag it LIVE to the flight line, sometimes you have to wait or other things. So been working on a circuit that will help with all this AND provide a regulated 15-20amp lower voltage for the switch circuit & servo circuit.

Pictures of the Jeti switch & a short movie!

Plane update!!

Got some updates 🙂 YAY!

Motor arrived mount done, went shopping at dads lastnight and got some motor stand off’s so i can mount the motor soon.

Shoulden’t be to hard to mark the holes then drill them, THEN USE LOCKTIGHT 🙂 and mount the motor.

Need to setup the ESC & receiver, then get some rubber bands somewhere for the wing to be strapped on..

Then a maiden flight 🙂

Gee Bee R1 get a Receiver !!

Got bored today, charged the lipo battery and installed a Jeti R5 receiver and set it all up! Pretty easy. Then i drive it around the house LOL !!!

Put a small hole in the bottom and made the antenna wires hang out..