Cougar, just waiting to test EDF

The EDF arrived DAMN FAST TOO! less than 3 days. :O I got the Cougar all assembled and wings glued on. Landing gear in & servos mounted. Only a few things left to do.

The EDF is very nice, Personally I took the heat sink off and applied some very good thermal paste to help keep the motor cool, i know it will be messy if i have to take it off, but that’s minor.

EDF motor,

Here is a picture of the jet on it’s top. All the tape pieces are reminders of what left to do and holding the bottom pieces on so I can drill and mark the screw holes.

EDF mach up !

After putting the EDF in I noticed that the battery i have will not keep the front nose wheel on the ground, so I cut a piece of wood to make a longer battery tray, so i can move the battery properly to get correct cg. I won’t be gluing the wood in, because I still may need to do maintenance on the front wheel.