Habu 32

BIRTHDAY present 🙂 Got my self a Habu 32. Instead of flying the big turbine with no experience, I bought this. Many people have suggested the Habu 32 for a good slow / fast jet trainer. So I started looking around and found one 🙂

Probably going to start the build soon, need to order ALL electronics, EDF, Servos ESC & re-tracts.

I’m not looking for a speed dart right now, so my plan is to keep the build simple, put good servos into it, and use the stock recommendations for the EDF. This will get me flight time & practice.

Pics, its damn nice too!

Just dry assembled 🙂

Jetlegend Hawk T-45

Picked up my self a Jetlegend T-45 hawk. ITS VERY BIG! Biggest plane & jet I have, lets just say 6′ (six-foot ) long 🙂 it’s very nice too !

Link to manufactures site : http://www.jetlegend.com/index.php?Page=26

My plan is to put a Jet-Cat P70 into it, I have a friend that has one for a very good price, not rushing this project as there are TONS of things to complete before i’m able to fly it. PLUS I need more practice with flying jets before I even think about flying this one!

So far I have some goodies picked out for it, Jeti CB200 & Turbine. Haven’t purchased anything yet but working on it, taking my time.

Some pics.


Been a while.

Yup, been a few weeks maybe more. Been working on a few new projects, picked up a new LARGE 6-foot long jet that takes a turbine, and also Picked up a Habu 32 for my birthday. Will post about them..