First Day With The Dash-Cam Oct-21-2014

Well today was the first day with the new Dash-Cam. After returning home, and looking through the footage, I would have to say it’s DAMN clear. I like it, In-fact, I like it a-lot πŸ™‚

The model is a Genius DVR-FHD590 Cost is about $119.00 From I put in a 32 gig microsd card.


Video is processing, post the link in a bit.

Edit :

Here’s the Video,


I’m Back with new things !

Ok guys, I haven’t used dashpuppy in AGES!! Sorry, been busy with life and hobbies & loads of work.

I have some new things coming up here !

First hint! I got into Video editing πŸ˜›

Second “hint’ Christmas came early, and I got a Dashcam! 1080P too! Β First day of the dash cam is tomorrow. I will do a post and a mini review of the camera.

Third Hint, it’s shiny has a 15” Retina display! AND lots of ram πŸ™‚ and it’s main purpose is Final Cut Pro X πŸ™‚