Sundowner for dashpuppy !

I recently had a 50cc plane, but due to it’s size and buying way to many things to get it running and working properly i took it back.

NOW! I got a nice little 80″ Gas Hanger 9 Sundowner, this thing is sweet! Looking to put a Evolution 33cc Gas motor in it. Should be a fun plane to fly & lear more things on. After i’m done with this, i can remove the Engine and put it in the plane i really always wanted THE INVERZA 🙂 So for now, it’s next years starting project. It’s winter here now and flying season for me is on hold.

Pic’s. ( sorry for the crappy pics ) forgot i put my lens hood on.


Gas tank & hardware.

OHHH a nice cowl 🙂

Look’s fast just sitting in there !


Un Touched Firewall.

Dash Cam, Close Call On Way Home!!

There was a reason why I bought this Dash Camera @ Staples. For days like this.! VERY CLOSE CALL!! Would have been the drivers fault too!

Camera is a Genius Full HD 1080P DVR-FHD590 had them on sale for $119. So I grabbed one, good thing too!

Language alert 😛 Rated “S” for swearing !

Some MacBook Pro Love :)

Oh, I saved all my pennies 🙂 and bought another Mac. This time i waited a bit and bout the one I really wanted. Been drooling over the Macbook Pro 15″ with “Retina” display.  I wouldn’t be happy with a smaller screen and low resolution. In-fact i hate smaller screens with low resolutions, I feel I can’t open to many windows or do as much as I want to..

Another reason for the 15″ is the cpu & ram. I’m planning next year to do lots of video taking & editing. So this will be the perfect machine. I also have a “VERY VERY” powerful Hackintosh desktop. So if I need more rendering power I can transfer the video project to the desktop and have it render on that.