Some Free Goodies.

Today doing some network clean up, I scored a new HP ML 150 G6 server & a Sonicwall CDP.. YEAH !!

CDP : The cdp has a failing hard drive, so I will probably remove it, and install a 2tb drive and use it for NAS storage, It’s a basic mini computer in a box with SonicWall OS on it, but since the OS partition has issue. I might just install FreeNas and see what I can do 🙂

New HP server, going to do some virtualizing 🙂 With in a week or two, I’ll be installing 3 more cameras around the house 2 to cover the back yard and one on the side of the house. All cameras are 3mp with night vision.. The new server will house the sotware and a ONSITE storage, the live footage is off site.. Might be bringing back home too 🙂

The hp has 3 250gig drives in Raid 5 1 quad core Xeon with 32 gigs ram. Ive found another cpu & more ram for dirt cheap, might get the chance soon to upgrade the server to dual quad core Xeons and 64gigs ram.

Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014

Learning “ANY” software can be a pita, the best advice, use youtube 🙂 you can find anything on there. I found this helpful video, once i learn the basics then I’ll start advancing. Being creative is also a key factor too!

Video I learned some very helpful stuff with is :

Right now I have a good handle on the basics and can move around in Premiere pretty easy, now to learn more advanced stuff & more effects, and learn more editing text tools.

That is all for now.