Some Free Goodies.

Today doing some network clean up, I scored a new HP ML 150 G6 server & a Sonicwall CDP.. YEAH !!

CDP : The cdp has a failing hard drive, so I will probably remove it, and install a 2tb drive and use it for NAS storage, It’s a basic mini computer in a box with SonicWall OS on it, but since the OS partition has issue. I might just install FreeNas and see what I can do 🙂

New HP server, going to do some virtualizing 🙂 With in a week or two, I’ll be installing 3 more cameras around the house 2 to cover the back yard and one on the side of the house. All cameras are 3mp with night vision.. The new server will house the sotware and a ONSITE storage, the live footage is off site.. Might be bringing back home too 🙂

The hp has 3 250gig drives in Raid 5 1 quad core Xeon with 32 gigs ram. Ive found another cpu & more ram for dirt cheap, might get the chance soon to upgrade the server to dual quad core Xeons and 64gigs ram.

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