Back to a Rack.

This weekend I did a HUGE Home automation cleanup for a friends Mother & Father in-law. This consisted of running a 100′ HDMI cable, mounting a 55″ lcd & starting a audio / video rack cleanup.

One of the projects was to install all the equipment “PROPERLY” into a new taller rack so the amplifiers could breath & function properly, along with cleaning up the wiring.

As I was finishing up, they asked if I wanted the old rack 🙂 hells YEAH I DO !!

So in a few weeks when I have some time, I will be installing my networking gear into a small 4 post open rack & moving the equipment to the other side of my room. This will also allow me to free up some space under my large desk & keep it more organized again.. I used to have this in a 4 post enclosed rack with a locking door but I sold all my servers and storage servers..

Pictures of the rack 🙂

AND!! all my stuff sitting on the floor 🙁 so messy. !

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