New Site & Topics

Well, it’s been a long time since I have posted on here. So i’m doing some updating and posting. First, you should have already seen that I changed the name 🙂 Second, I am no longer flying R/C Heli’s Jet’s & Planes. I sold it all and go out of the hobby, so many reasons but no need to go into them.

So I’m back into electronics & audio.

I’t been a long time goal to finally build some very nice speakers from scratch again to finish. Although i won’t be building the cabinets, instead i’m going to have a VERY good wood working friend build them for me, just so they are perfect and exactly what i want…. I’ll create a post soon and keep it updated.

Next goal was to finish my 2 channel pair of Aleph Mini’s. So far im 90% done, just have to do a bit of chassis wiring, then i’m done. They have been running for over 10 years and work perfectly just needed chassis.

Another goal, was to actually buy a good Oscilloscope & learn to use and understand it properly.. So i ordered one 🙂 will post info about that here & my youtube blog too..

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