Parasound p / SP-1000 Repaired.

When i was really really young and into audio i dreamed of owing a Parasound Pre-amp.

I went searching on Ebay and found one for 199$ 🙂 YES it’s old but it’s a good one. I searched google for hours for photos & information on repairs etc etc and found nothing.

I bought this, thinking it had no issues but it did, that’s ok I have PAPS to help out..

I connected it and it sounded like POOH..

Fixed now though. It had a pair of 2SC3327 muting transistors shorted on the output. After using the scope to hunt the issue down and replacing them all is perfect.. Now to find a remote…

Pictures of the output on the scope,

Front of the unit,

Inside, with a very nice heavily regulated PSU.

AND my messy Bench!

Have to thank my dad for helping me solve the issue and teach me some scope tricks.

Now to poke at it more and do some upgrades change all the op-amps & some caps & resistors.. Maybe cleaup the regulated PSU ….

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