Month: May 2016

Orange Measurements..

Have been doing some tweaking on the Orange Bookshelf speakers.

Using the Mini DSP 2 x 4 Balanced version it works pretty well, and much better sounding. ( will post pictures of the unit )

Changing crossover points and eq values is simple and instant.

<a href="http://

From Orange Book Shelf

” target=”_blank”>Click for larger image

D-I-Y Bookshelf HI-FI Spekers

I’ve been working on so many speaker projects it’s not even funny. Ryan from and i have been friends and didn’t even know it since days.. He and i recently have been working on a few of “my” projects. I asked him to make me a flat pack with his CNC router for my last few projects.

My latest Project is a sealed Bookshelf speaker using a 7″ LDW7 woofer from ( awesome driver ) & a fountek NEO 2.0 Ribbon tweeter.

I will post more measurement data and crossover design later on when i tackle that part. For now im using a Minidsp 2×4 balanced version and 4 class a amplifiers to run them..

These orange boxes are just test boxes till I get walnut wood.

So pictures ?

7″ driver


CNC testing for accurate “tight fit ”

[IMG]” alt=”” />

Box done.

First coat & primer on.

Five coats later, could put more effort into making the finish way nicer but not really needed.

Day later after the paint cured and drivers in.

Am I addicted to audio & speakers 🙂 YUP !!!

Thanks again to ryan @ for the CNC MDF pack …