Mini Dayton’s


This project started from surfing youtube. I found a video of a small bookshelf that had huge potential. I already had a pair of Ribbon tweeters sitting on my shelf for the last 10 years so I thought HEY 80$ for a small pair of woofers to build a pair book shelf speakers. SURE !! Why not !! the nice thing about dayton drivers is they show you ALL the data on their site & you can download the data file to use in xsim to design crossover etc etc…

Original youtube link, << Click me !

I bought a pair of Dayton RS100-P-8 thats RS100 P= paper 8 = 8ohm.

Link to Driver !

Link to PDF File
I already had the Aurum Cantus G2Si ribbon tweeters.

Link to PDF data & their site.

Time for some images and drawings.

Cabinet Drawing done in Google Sketchup.

Dayton Rs100-p-8

G2Si & RS100

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